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The Series

The Adventures of Miss Flit, a four-part, illustrated, 19th century mystery with character-based knitting patterns by Beth Hahn, follows Emma Flitt into a Victorian New York filled with magicians, clairvoyants, charlatans, and pick pockets to unravel the mysterious disappearance of her sister Lucy.

Vol. I, Chapter IV, "Hastings & Flitt Detective Agency"

Coming in October, The Adventures of Miss Flitt's final book, "Hastings & Flitt Detective Agency," finds Emma and Amity back at home, but when Emma receives an odd letter, Emma and Amity again find themselves embroiled in mystery. Enjoy over twenty full-color watercolors and a set of knitwear designs by Beth Hahn. Knit the organic Branches & Leaves Shawl or the soft and flowing Aeolian Harp Wrap. Begin your holiday gift knitting with Emma's City Beret, a simple lace hat with a decorative cast-on, or prepare for winter's cold evenings by knitting the sparkling Nocturne Hat. Create an everyday classic with the Gretel Sweater--originally released in winter, 2010--Gretel is a vintage-inspired pullover with a mock honeycomb yoke and slip stitch detailing.

Vol. I, Chapter III, "The Séance"

The Adventures of Miss Flitt's penultimate book, "The Séance," sends Emma, Amity, and Nadya into the curious world of 19th century spiritualism. The mystery continues with over twenty full-color watercolors and a set of knitwear accessories by Beth Hahn. Join the story and knit the elegant Ether Overskirt--a lace overskirt skirt that will dress-up any outfit; to keep the chill of the spirits at bay, work the Séance Shawl--a prettily patterned lace triangle shawl; leave your fingers free for automatic writing with the Spirit Sleeves--a set of soft, fingerless gloves. Guest contributors in this issue are Brooklyn designers Rachel Maurer, with the Marietta Corset Belt; Tony Limuaco, with the Motes Balaclave, and Maxcine DeGouttes, with the IRT Beret.

Vol I. Chapter II, "Dangerous Ladies and Opium Dens"

The second installment, "Dangerous Ladies and Opium Dens," includes the Nadya Corset--a spring or summer top knit from the top down in a slipped rib, and its matching Nadya Skirt, with side button closures and a flattering a-line shape; The Five Points Cloak can be knit as a winter piece in wool or as spring capelet in silk. Its feminine feather and fan collar and looped button closures make it easy to wear over summer tops on cool nights. For the pick-pocket in you, knit the Sharpers, a fingerless lace glove with looped button closures, thumb gusset, and single finger loop. The Smoke Ring Mobius, a lace knit in bulky soft wool, may be worn as a shrug, wrap, shawl, or scarf.

Vol I., Chapter I "The Strange Case of the Magician's Cabinet"

Patterns in the debut issue, "The Strange Case of the Magician's Cabinet," include the Lucy Shrug--a delicate, one piece lace shrug; the Emma Cardigan--a classic lace sweater that may be knit as a special occasion piece or as an everyday wardrobe item; the Amity Caplet--a soft, Victorian-inspired caplet; the Magic Act Handkerchief--a store-bought handkerchief transformed by the addition of a delicate, finely knit edge; The Annabel Lee Warmer--a soft, angora collar that fits snugly beneath a coat or perfectly over a sweater. Finally, Maxcine DeGouttes, owner of Stitch Therapy in Brooklyn, New York, contributes her Koot, a basketweave hat based on the African shepherd hat.

Volume I, Chapter IV, "Hastings & Flitt Detective Agency"

Volume I, Chapter III, "The Séance"

Volume I, Chapter II, "Dangerous Ladies and Opium Dens"

Volume I, Chapter I, "The Strange Case of the Magician's Cabinet"